A new barbershop has arrived on Collins Street in Melbourne’s Docklands – introducing Stage IV to the always-expanding men’s hair landscape. The barbershop is owned by duo Gus Lundt and Andy Olsen-Lister, with luxury as their priority in client care.  

“Docklands is the ideal spot for a high-end, boutique-style barber shop offering quality services,” Andy said. “Gus and I are excited to bring a new level of professionalism and service to barbering so that our clients get exactly what they desire.”

The salon will offer everything from pampering to grooming and precision cutting, with the client at the centre (or centre stage, hence the name). Classic and contemporary cutting, luxury face shaves and beard treatments also serve as salon menu highlights, and every service comes with a beer, cider, coffee or aperitif.

Gus Lundt and Andy Olsen-Lister

The salon is located on the ground floor of the Myer Building, giving it the ideal location for clients to view it as their lunch time retreat. The simple look and serene environment aids in this endeavour.

“As a client walks in the first thing they’ll notice is a minimalist and well-designed space,” Gus said. “As a ‘full service’ barber shop, we offer clients a variety of haircuts, face shaves, beard trims, grooming packages, along with hair and skin styling products. With two Master Barbers on the floor, we oversee every haircut and ensure every person walks out the door satisfied.”

“There are thousands of workers nearby, across the street, or a quick tram ride within the Free Tram Zone,” Andy continued. “At Stage IV you can relax, have a drink, and spend as long or as little time as you like.”

The duo in charge bring years of high-level experience to the job – Andy is a Master Barber with 14 years of experience, and an extensive background in barber education and management, while Gus is also the owner of Barber Black Sheep in Brunswick, which has won its own acclaim, being named in the country’s top 3 barbershops by GQ Magazine in 2015.

With these two at the helm, along with a covetable look, theme, location and menu, Stave IV is a name worth taking note of.

For more information visit www.stagefourbarbers.com