There are two prime focuses of Sustainable Salon, the new eco-friendly salon that’s just moved in to Surry Hills, commitment to the environment and a commitment to cutting edge styling. Area locals Zoran Petric and Diego Padilla are fusing these two passions into the latest trendy salon to hit Sydney’s inner city.

“We appreciate how toxic and synthetic our consumerism has become,” Zoran shared. “Through the Sustainable Salon, we’ve created an environment with products, décor, ambience and artisan-skill to nurture our bodies, minimise exposure to harmful chemicals and protect the world we live in.”


This ethos is captured in the salon aesthetic, which is made up of recycled rustic furniture, fittings and décor to promote sustainability and a warm feel to the space. Taking it a step further, the salon has partnered with renewable energy utility provider Diamond Energy to ensure ultimate energy efficiency. LED lighting, energy timers, a WELS rated water saving equipment and a heat pump water unit through Tivok Energy Saving Solutions are utilised in the salon along to deliver 65 per cent more energy savings than other gas or electric system.

The salon’s focus has been based not just on Zoran and Diego’s personal values, but widely referenced consumer statistics. In Neilsen’s 2014 global survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, 64 per cent of Asia-Pacific online users said they would pay more for sustainable products. These figures read as 50 per cent for global online consumers.


Clients will be paying for more than just sustainability. Stylists are referred to as artisans, and there is a three-tiered structure of skill and service to suit a myriad of budgets.

“Our clients can choose from a Skilled, Leading or Master Artisan – all will deliver exceptional service and style depending to the needs of our clients,” Zoran said. “Typically a salon attracts an 80/20 female to male ratio but we hope to draw in a 50/50 share through our unique floor plan which includes a barber men’s retreat.”


The barber retreat is the first of five separate sections that structure the salon’s space. First, the Colour Space, where clients have their colour processed in a sofa, hammock or lounge, whilst enjoying a non-toxic manicure while they wait. iPads and a sustainable library bookshelf provide alternate methods of entertainment. Next, the Wellbeing Space, which is surrounded by mini terrariums and biospheres suspended from the ceiling, where clients’ hair is nurtured at unique recycled wine-barrel shampoo basins.


The Styling Space is where the artisans work their magic and, lastly, the Shopping Space is where clients can purchase the full sustainable hair and beauty range from Davines. Clients are encouraged to return packaging to receive discounts and other incentives.


A final area is reserved as an industry space, where workshops, seminars and other events can be held. A blackboard promotes ideas of education and collaboration.

It seems like the boys have thought of everything, and with a launch party on the horizon, this new salon is looking right at home in Surry Hills.

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