ANTI’s London studio have delivered their next must-have innovation in product and marketing, unique to their inimitable brand DNA. The all-new ANTI Studio is a curated collection of the four products needed to ‘Antify’ hair, personifying and delivering the true ANTI experience and aesthetic in this specific and hand-selected collection.


Drawn from the brand’s bold arsenal of products, the box includes three of each of ANTI’s four best-selling products, namely their Finishing Cream, Styling Spray, Texture Spray and Everything Spray. The countertop display box showcases these tools perfectly.

The initiative requires no sign-up, commitment or stock overload, offering an ideal set-up and product collection to purchase and offer in salon at your leisure and to suit your specific business needs. ANTI Studio is also accompanied by a welcome card with a link to the brand’s introduction and education videos that will help you learn the products and truly understand the unique brand.

With particularly great value for salons, ANTI Studio shows off product formulations lauded for their conscious, empowering, effective and individual style and results. All products in the ANTI portfolio provide heat, UV and environmental protection and are safe to use on colour-treated hair. The brand stays true to its name by being anti gluten, sulphates, parabens, and petroleum, and staying cruelty free.

Socially conscious, built on performance and unified by a brand identity that truly says something even beyond its formulations, ANTI continues to inspire, empower, elevate and educate in so many ways. Whether you’re already ANTI obsessed or have been looking for the opportunity to dive in with ease, ANTI Studio is your answer.

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