Ah, the Internet – your daily reminder that with enough talent, a camera phone and a social media following your hair work could literally go viral at any moment. Allen Thomas Wood of Bumble and Bumble in New York City found that out firsthand when he shared a new hair trend to almost 4,000 followers and rapidly found his work profiled online in Vogue, Metro, Refinery 29, HelloGiggles and now here – proving that real skill and a bold new look can cross international borders in the pursuit of viral fame.

The look in question is the Rainbow Hair Band trend, referred to as a Rainbow Prism Hair Band by Allen himself. The trend paints bright colour onto the hair, painting against the strand so the colour looks more animated than usual, and incorporating a myriad of bright clashing hues against one another. The result? Bright colour painted on to sleek hair to look like an actual hair accessory, rather than the client’s own hair.

We sense this is more an editorial hair solution than something your clients might request (but in the age of individuality and bold risks, who knows?). Hey, whatever inspires your next creative masterpiece, we’re here for it, and we’re officially taking ownership, too.

What do you think of the technique?