The internet can be a little crazy when it comes to hair colour trends and looks (Flower Vase Hair was a legitimate thing that happened), but its new viral phenomenon is refreshingly wearable and salon-friendly. The Scandi Hair Trend derives from our modern love of platinum blonde, but just… more. The trend calls for a Nordic white hue and it’s a complete salon must-have.

Drawing from Scandi-centric fashion trends and street styles that are big right now and have walked both the runway and the front row at European fashion weeks (marie claire credits Ganni and ACNE studios as pioneers), as well as simple, minimalist and pure beauty trends, Scandi blonde hair dials the colour spectrum all the way to almost zero. Russian supermodel Sasha Luss made the look big in 2017 and it’s since been on the rise. The creamy opal white tones and platinum to its very extreme have been worn on mega influencers such as Kim Kardashian, Jesinta Franklin and Hailey Bieber – meaning it’s definitely a thing.

The look will work best for your clients with naturally cooler undertones in their complexion, while those with warmer tones may require a variation on the trend, with this extreme hue melted in with other colours. Clients with green, blue and hazel eyes in particular will also suit the shade.

Described by experts as icy, pure and almost pearl white, Scandi hair’s variation from your traditional platinum is in its willingness to kick the blonde up several notches. The fashion-forward look has made waves and headlines in global publications such as marie claire, Elle, Glamour UK and more, with hundreds of Instagram hashtags. In modern day terms, the look is entirely trending.

Any trend that puts clients into salon chairs and has them purchasing maintenance products at the retail shelf will always be a win in our books. This trend doesn’t even make you say ‘rainbow’ more times than you really want to – double win! Create the look in salon and join the movement.