Loaded with luxe and backed by a name that relentlessly lives up to its expectations, Oscar Cullinan’s next venture is exploring the avenue of haircare. With a legacy much greater than just hairdressing, the multi-award winning salon owner is in launch mode for the silver bullet in haircare, writes Cameron Pine.

Oscar Cullinan

In case you haven’t seen a few hints on Facebook since Oscar used the coronavirus pandemic as a reason to join, you saw it here first – Wilde by Oscar is a soon to be haircare offering that Oscar says will be like nothing we’ve ever seen. At the helm of a salon group that celebrates more than 30 years at the top of the salon market, having twice been awarded Australian Hairdresser of the Year and a swathe of other awards, Oscar’s ability to diversify is second to none.

Oscar’s new haircare line promises to include magic from the Hemp tree (CBD oil) extracted at his very own farm near Byron Bay in northern New South Wales.

“For 30 years I’ve wanted to do a product but I’ve always wanted something beyond. Until now, I’ve not had my finger on something revolutionary enough to make it a pillar beyond the brand name Oscar Oscar,” Oscar said.

Hitting the market initially with two take-home treatments, the plan long term is to launch around 6-8 SKU’s each packed with OMEGA 3,6 and 9, which, according to Oscar, will be like ‘the natural Gucci’ of haircare.

In respect to differentiating the offering, it is tipped that there will be a primary and secondary treatment – one protein based and one moisture based all under the label ‘Wilde’ by Oscar.

There is a lot of mystery behind the marijuana plant and hemp (legalised in some countries) but mostly it is now being appreciated for its unprecedented healing properties from conditions as serious as pre-cancer treatment, to arthritis and all kinds of pain and relief and regeneration.

It’s not something many large companies have jumped on however CBD oil is currently experiencing a boom in popularity for prescription purposes and according to Oscar, “The regenerative effects this product has on hair are nothing short of incredible.”

The marijuana farm Oscar has in place near Byron and the Gold Coast, which is used for export business, is as slick as they come – just like an ‘out of this world’ type scenario you’d picture in the movies. Oscar admits the hemp component is the simple part. They extract the CBD oil and send it overseas at the moment, but it’s the last 18 months that have been spent trying to find a carrier for the ingredient in the hair treatment that have taken the majority of attention and tenacity.

If you’re wondering about the name – it came pretty easily actually, not only does the ingredients and hemp component personify natural, wild and pure – it’s a bit of a nickname Oscar has garnered over his years. Wild Oscar – a man that can work, play and motivate others harder than anyone we know.

Everything about Wilde by Oscar is to be produced in Australia- the treatment efficacy is going to be paramount and the carrier has to be the best it can be. The packaging will opt for a mostly white aesthetic for a gender neutral approach with a somewhat clinical undertone.

For the last three years Oscar has been looking into the benefits of a natural based ingredient brand. Throughout the testing process Oscar says they tried it on damaged hair with great results. Most people start with the carrier first but as Oscar says, “We made sure the bullet was right before we bought the gun.”

“Think Balmain – very boutique but still aspirational. You won’t see It everywhere, we will protect its path with the aim to let it organically build into a superbrand,” Oscar said.

“We’ve reverse engineered this. I’ve never seen something perform like this in 30 years of hairdressing.”

In the lead up to launching product, Oscar has also been offering some time back on the salon floor with cutting and styling appointments at selected Oscar Oscar franchises across Australia for clients wanting a truly luxe hair experience.

Eventually Oscar hopes to launch some styling and shampoo and conditioner additions, but the important part first was to leave no stone unturned in the initial launch, building on Oscar’s 30 years of experience.

“A good haircare brand can be effective and still attract the glamorous market- consumers don’t want to be overburdened with science. Our brand will be a scientific eco warrior in a hybrid luxury package – it’s going to be wild,” Oscar said.

“I’ve always wanted to do something magical, something that stands on its own and not just be a product as part of Oscar Oscar salons. Just like our unique business model that has allowed our employees to thrive in a supportive environment, our salon partners have the full support to help grow their business.” Oscar said.

“For me, it has always been about more than just hair,” he said. “The success of Oscar Oscar lies in our determination to create a guest experience like no other, from the High Street luxury locations to our hair rituals.”

The final piece of this extension from just haircare to a luxury salon brand is a product, something that is unlike any other – a real silver bullet of haircare. Get ready to welcome Wilde by Oscar.

For more information visit www.oscaroscar.com.au