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Wella Professionals Collaborate at Paris Couture Week

Forming an exclusive partnership with couturier Yiqing Yin at Paris Couture Week, Wella Professionals debuted a Couture Colour that was inspired by the high end collection and the notion of new beginnings. And also, snakes.


Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Josh Wood created a specialised colour look for the Yiqing Yin collection, designed exclusively for the show. The result of this customised blend of shades was an ethereal white blonde, designed using Blondor to desaturate the hair and then ILLUMINA shades of pearl and ice blonde for sections of lightness. This was accentuated by a textured knot tied at the nape of the neck.


“When I was presented with Yiqing Yin’s storyboard, I knew I wanted to create a weightless blonde, one without colour and so pure that it becomes almost transparent, a little like the translucency of the discarded python skins that have been used within the collection,” Josh explained. “Working in partnership with Yiqing Yin and her team, we selected a model with the right length and texture so that the weightlessness of the colour would be exaggerated as the girl walked.”


The collection was comprised of lightweight fabrics that were made to look fragile and almost suspended on the body. This was based on the concept of a snake shedding its skin, with the overarching idea of celebrating new beginnings.

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