Wella Professionals’ Christmas collection is here, titled ‘Let It Glow’ and created in collaboration with celebrated Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and proud Wiradjuri Woman Amanda Hinkelmann. The brand worked with Amanda to present the story of the Wella Woman through First Nations Art and Symbolism.

Amanda personified the qualities of the Wella Woman, in her warmth, bravery and power, in two original paintings that deliver the message of unity, diversity and support. The first artwork, titled YARRUWALA, means ‘mighty, very strong and almighty’, and the second piece, called DUGUWAY-BUL, represents ‘completely, altogether, wholly’. These artworks present on the packaging of ten new ‘Let It Glow’ Christmas gift packs.

“A few years ago, I was often described as ‘brave’. This was uncomfortable at first, but I soon settled into being ‘brave’. As time went on, brave became resilient. It became strong. It became empowered and then it became unstoppable. Unstoppable became the woman who was determined to succeed, and success looked different to what everyone had imagined,” Amanda said. “Through this collaboration with Wella Professionals, I demonstrate success. The success of all women, our diversity, and all that we represent. The breaking of stereotypes, the best version of ourselves, the beautiful as we are, the inspiring, the dreamer and believer, the selfless, the strong – the-prove-them-all-wrong. The Modern Woman and all that she is. Brave and unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with.”

The brand has also donated to Amanda’s charity of choice, The STARS Foundation, which supports education for women and girls, as part of the partnership.

The packs will be offered in each Wella Professionals range, including Fusion, ColorMotion+, Oil Reflections, Elements, INVIGO (Color Brilliance, Nutri-Enrich and Blonde Recharge), Nioxin, System Professional, SP Classic, and Sebastian Professional.

Discover this meaningful addition to the festive season.

For more information visit www.wella.com

Photography by Rachel Cooper