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Wella Professionals Launches INVIGO

Wella Professionals has released the latest industry game-changer in their new 31-piece INVIGO range, a high performance care line designed to recharge the hair and cater to a bevy of haircare needs. The products are comprised of advanced blends, technology, ingredients and vitamins that pave the way in modern hair.   

The products reflect our current culture that sees women’s schedules busier than ever and haircare and salon visits often neglected within this busy schedule. As such, the range is quick, easy and effective, speaking to the contemporary consumer who is short on time, all the way to the brand’s global brand ambassador and megastar Sophie Turner who counts on the products and technology to recharge her hair between appearances and on set.

The range is developed using INVIGO-Blends – a trio of new advanced technology, super ingredients and vitamins that are used to speedily invigorate the hair.

It recharges the hair in that necessary salon appointment and with some home care as well. The correct product line is identified by the professional hairdresser during the client consultation for both the in-salon service and at-home retail range necessary for each client.

“INVIGO is the ultimate in salon-perfect hair care for anyone on the go – and who isn’t these days?” said Wella Professionals Australia and New Zealand Creative Director Renya Xydis. “Amid the hustle and bustle it is so important to take moments to yourself. Whether that’s an hour in the salon or ten minutes at home. From someone who colours their hair, styles daily and rarely gets a moment to sit still, the latest INVIGO range by Wella Professionals is a breath of fresh air.”

The treatments contain highly concentrated boosters, a reviving massage and product enhancers that instantly revive hair and leave it looking and feeling healthy and fresh. The care line is delineated into categories of Blonde Recharge, Color Recharge, Color Brilliance, Nutri-enrich, Volume Boost and Balance, while the in-salon treatments range from Brilliance Booster to Nutri Booster and Volume Booster.

Leave it to Wella Professionals to push the science of haircare even further to cater to their busiest clients. In the name of all women who haven’t stopped to take a breath today, we thank you.

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