No, this doesn’t have anything to do with setting your clients hair on fire, which we told you about months ago.

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Oil Slick Hair, or Petrol Hair, is instead a new colour trend ideal for your brunette clients. While clients with lighter hair have previously been inundated with rainbow hair trends online (see: opal hair, sand art hair, betta-fish hair, etc.), brunettes have, ironically, been left in the dark.

That is until now – with Oil Slick Hair here to give them their fair share. Oil Slick Hair was created by colourist Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Salon, inventor of the Opal Hair Trend, to add colour to girls with darker tresses. The trend involves layering shades of blue, purple and green over dark hair, so that the colours don’t show up as bright. The name was inspired by puddles of gasoline and oil in the rain, while the look also mimics an aesthetic of running ink.

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“I’ve been trying to recreate gasoline or oil when it’s on the ground and it rain,” Aura told Popsugar. “I find that when you take a dark purple and a dark green and layer them one on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling.”

So your brunette clients can finally opt for colour without having to also opt for bleach. Really, it’s about time.