There is a new pixelated colour technique that has taken over the internet, revolutionising colour processing and reaching hundreds of millions of people in its social media coup.


Meet #xpresionpixel and, better yet, learn about it yourself in an exclusive Australian workshop taking place in November.


Invented by innovating Spanish trip X-Presion, individually known as Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer and Jose Luis Almendral, #xpresionpixel is a new creative colouring process that achieves chromatic dimension and a pixelated colour effect in the hair. This transforms texture, tone and movement in the creation of something truly unique.

X-Presion profile shot copy

Now, thanks to Ssh! (which we’ve already been spilling secrets about) and Wella Professionals, X-Presion will treat a very lucky Sydney audience to a workshop on this new skill. Hearing it in person from the creators themselves is a significant advantage, while the rest of the world can only try to dissect the technique on social media.

“Wella Professionals ANZ has been a firm believer and supporter of Ssh! from day one, and this year we are thrilled to extend our partnership and support to exclusively present the #xpresionpixel workshop,” said Wella Professionals ANZ General Manager, Jerome Toulza. “Ssh! and X-presion are pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship to new territories.”


For an initiative that likes to keep its cards close to the vest, Ssh! have offered up an uncharacteristic amount of detail about the event, including the date (Tuesday, November 17th), the venue (WELLA Studio in Sydney’s Surry Hills) and, of course, the incomparable hosts and topics on display.

“Sharing the common vision of inspiring and elevating the Industry, it was natural for Wella to stand by this unique opportunity offered to the most adventurous and creative hairdressers in Australia and New-Zealand,” Jerome continued. “It’s going to be a unique and exciting journey.”


Spaces are limited and tickets can be purchased through a Wella representative or via