Over the weekend, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced a roadmap out of lockdown for many long suffering Victorians who are currently still going through it, and we had a keen eye on what this means for hair salons that have struggled through closures over so much of the past two years.

In the scheme, which is predicated on vaccination targets, two major steps were announced, at the 70 per cent fully vaccinated target, predicted to be reached in late October, and at 80 per cent, expected to be reached in early November.

Late October will see lockdown laws lifted and allowances such as outdoor public gatherings of up to 10 and outdoor hospitality. At this time, in metropolitan Melbourne where salons are currently closed, hair salons will open for a maximum of five fully vaccinated clients and under the four square metre rule. A the 80 per cent vaccination rate, hair salons can open to fully vaccinated patrons indoors with a cap of 150 clients and under the four square metre rule. Masks will still be required indoors.

In areas of regional Victoria that are not in lockdown, salons are currently open with up to ten people on the premises. When the state reaches 80 per cent of adults at a first dose, masks can be removed in these areas for necessary beauty services, allowing services such as beard trimming. This target is expected to be reached on 26 September – so within the week!

Earlier this month NSW announced their roadmap out of lockdown as well, pointing to promising signs for the nation at large.

As the roadmap continues on, the goal is clear – get vaccinated and let’s get back into salons sooner rather than later. As last year and every lockdown has proven time and time and again, often that first post-lockdown call is to a hairdresser.