Without being too foreboding, the answer may shock you…

In a study by CareerCast.com of the most and least stressful professions, hairdressing was found to be the least stressful job in the 2015 Jobs Rated Report. With factors of working one-on-one with clients and being able to set more of your own schedule contributing to lower stress levels, this starts to make a certain level of sense.

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While the business and entrepreneurial sides of being a hairdresser were deemed some of the most stressful aspects of the job, job satisfaction and the personal interactions that come from transforming a client outweigh these stresses. The study notes that no job is completely free of stress and stress can vary from person to person.

“Hair stylists typically work either with walk-in customers or build their own regular clientele,” the survey said. “The most successful doing the latter can open their own businesses and thrive.”

Hairdressing was given a job rated stress score of 5.47 based on 11 stress factors, including physical demands, putting your own or other lives at risk, deadlines, travel, competitiveness and working in the public eye. The most stressful job, firefighting, had a score of 71.59.

Other jobs listed as most stressful included military personnel, pilot, police officer, event coordinator and actor, whilst some of the other least stressful jobs were cited as university professor with tenure, dietician, librarian, tailor and medical laboratory technician.

Do you agree with these results?