The term ‘eye shadow’ has become a bit misleading, with the classic makeup tool taking on a new purpose in the celebrity world.

While the role of eye shadow palette has long been stretched from eyelids to eyebrows, this function has travelled further north, with A-listers and their hair stylists purportedly using it to fill out hairlines.

The biggest pioneers of this trend are (who else but) the Kardashian sisters, who have apparently been utilising this subtle technique for years in order to make their hairlines look bolder and more precise.


marie claire has reported that the trend extends from the Kardashian’s suspiciously perfect hairlines, to a commercial trend in Korea, where beauty companies are releasing hairline-specific products. This allows hairdressers and makeup artists to press pigment directly into the scalp to achieve the illusion of the perfect hairline.

The technique has the purpose of framing the face, making features look more balanced and, of course, making the hairline on point. Without those Korean products at our disposal, Aussie hairdressers can achieve the look with a makeup brush and matte eye shadow that matches your client’s natural hair tone. From there, you just blend while staying within the frame of the hairline.


With the Kardashian sisters’ every feature so heavily scrutinised, it’s no wonder they’ve found a solution to the seemingly small issue of unruly hair lines. With product companies jumping on the trend around the world, and talk of hairlines becoming the ‘new brows’, which we will now be desperate to perfect, be prepared to repurpose your favourite palette.