The 80s called… was the only appropriate way to start this article, signalling that, definitively, crimped hair has made its return to the trends and even cemented itself as the bona fide style of 2017.

There’s no quicker way for any trend to skyrocket than with the Beyoncé tick of approval, and the style queen has been crimped hair’s biggest advocate in her looks of late. The star rocked the look at her attendance at both Serena Williams’ wedding and at the recent Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Award Show.

It’s not just Beyoncé who is facilitating the trend, with Gabrielle Union, Zosia Mamet and Rita Ora also showing off the look in various, extreme and subtle ways. The launch this year of ghd’s contour tool, which crimps and texturises hair, has been pivotal in building the trend, with crimped looks a major facet of the brand’s Infinite Styling concept, as showcased in INSTYLE November December.

ghd contour

With celebrities and major brands leading the way, the trend has been cemented as officially ‘back’ according to major news sites such as The Daily Mail, Elle UK and Allure Magazine, with #crimpedhair hashtags climbing over 70,000 on Instagram.

Zosia Mamet

With celebrity approval, all-new tools to try and a look ideal for the upcoming party season, this is one new trend you can recommend to your clients the next time they’re looking for a unique and playful style. Just assure them that Beyoncé is on board.