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Why You Should Head to The Sydney Festival

Taking place this month from the 8th to the 26th of January, the Sydney Festival brings the city a high dose of music, art and culture. With no geographical base, the events are held all around Sydney, from the Seymour Centre to the Sydney Theatre, The Domain, the Opera House and more, meaning there’s bound to be something stimulating just around the corner throughout the event.

festival village

Festival Village at the Sydney Festival. Image from Time Out Sydney

The centre is the Festival Village, located in Hyde Park, which includes workout activities, a myriad of delectable restaurants, musical events and a giant art installation, named Higher Ground, which is part art, part giant maze. It is here that the final week of the festival will celebrate family week, offering a range of free activities to suit all ages.

higher ground

Higher Ground. Image from the Sydney Festival website.

Over 100 events are featured in the festival that is now in its second week, all at price different points, with a variety of free events as well. From the theatre of Tabac Rouge, to Limbo, an enthralling circus cabaret, or Far From Folsom, a Johnny Cash Tribute taking place in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, there’s truly something for everyone. Theatre, dance, circus, cabaret, art installations and music ranging from classical to A Capella and every form of contemporary, are all on the agenda. Even activities that fall outside the lines, such as an exhilarating Waterfall Swing located at Darling Harbour, can be found.

waterfall swing

Waterfall Swing. Image from the Sydney Festival website.

With eleven days left in the festival and dozens of events still to come there’s still plenty of time to explore. Expand your cultural horizons this summer as theatre, music and art take over Sydney.

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