Ever since Katniss Everdeen made being the Girl on Fire cool, people aren’t being nearly cautious enough with the flame. Take this global hair trend as an example, where clients are looking to burn their hair in order to cure split ends.


The process, which is a Brazilian treatment named velaterapia, is really nothing new and has been popular in South America since the 60s. Last year Brazilian model Barbara Fialho made it globally famous by sharing it on Instagram and grabbing the attention of consumer media around the world. If you’re wondering why the requests, or worse – cries for help to fix attempts gone wrong, are seeping into your salon now, it’s due to another Brazilian beauty and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosia sharing it to her 4 million Instagram followers.

@alessandraambrosio on Instagram

The concept involves using a flame to cauterise the hair, in order to create a passage of nutrients to its interior and remove split ends. Stylists divide and twist the hair into small sections before lighting up the twisted section with an open flame. The treatment is said to be applicable for all hair types, and mostly effective for dry and damaged hair caused by chemical treatment, dying and constant styling.

Maybe we’re cowards, but we’ll stick with a cut and conventional treatment to solve our split end woes. After all, if our solution to harsh treatments is an open flame, aren’t we really just fighting fire with fire?

Have your clients been asking for this unconventional service?