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Wild Life All Stars Wrap-Up

It was a stunning display of skill and ingenuity when some of the industry’s biggest stars congregated at Wild Life Education’s Open Mic Night: All Stars. Wild Life followed up their Brisbane event by hosting the biggest names in hair for a night of education on the 30th of March.


With a relaxed, comic atmosphere now expected of the education series, Frank Apostolopoulos, Sara Allsop, Brad Ngata, Caterina DiBiase, Bennie Tognini and Jayne Wild presented everything from cutting techniques, to the unorthodox creation of shape and Avant Garde aesthetics.

Jane’s style merged beauty with edginess, with raw hair lines and an undone texture. Sara supported this aesthetic by creating a grungy, dirty feel to the hair, cutting wigs with texturised scissors and avoiding straight lines. She cited her main inspiration as old movies and different musical genres.


Jayne Wild, Sara Allsop and models


Caterina created shapes with molds by covering half donuts with hair wefts to create little arcs. Brad utilised Showpony hair extensions to create big hair, attaching the extensions to wire which he then put into braids. He was inspired by the clean lines of the designer Ellery.


Brad Ngata and Caterina DiBiase with models

Bennie was focused on shape and balance, detailing his journey with Avant Garde, which was motivated by Trevor Sorbie. He employed unique handmade hair pieces in the creation of his work.


Frank Apostolopoulos and Bennie Tognini with models

Frank utilised odd elements as features in his hair styles, such as unusual hair lines and cow licks. He created smooth surfaces but then chopped them up; cutting the hair with a scissor over comb technique that was masterful in its execution.


Frank Apostolopoulos

As always, the guests also answered questions in an open mic format, compered by the always humorous Gary Latham. The legendary stylists talked about their highs and lows in the industry, with an intimacy and candor that is a special feature of the Open Mic events.


Gary Latham

Surprise guest Shane Henning stopped by to give his advice on the industry, including how to master a photoshoot, the importance of immersing yourself fully in your work and the key point to never give up.

With these inspiring words and stimulating hair styles, we’re sure many guests left eager to flex their own creative muscles.


Brad Ngata

Thank you to Wild Life Hair and their all-star panel for facilitating this cycle of creation.

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