Welcome the Lemon Myrtle and Hemp Seed Moisture Revive Oil by WILDE by Oscar, expanding the range within the brand’s core value to revitalise hair through the power of both nature and science.

The product is all-inclusive and can be used on any and every hair type to resurrect, smooth, nourish and hydrate hair, and as a finishing product in styling.

The technology is built with two dynamic hero ingredients of Hemp Seed grown in the hills surrounding Byron Bay on Oscar Cullinan’s farm and sustainably sourced, Australian lemon myrtle. Both combine to imbue the hair with amino acids, antioxidants like vitamins A, C, & E, sources of lutein and folate and essential minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium. These components fight frizz and dryness, control premature ageing and strengthen the hair.

These product innovations build on the legacy of Oscar Oscar Salons and their impactful presence in the hair industry at large, bridging the gap between service and technology for this industry stalwart.

The Moisture Revive Oil is exclusively available to purchase in all Oscar Oscar Salon locations along with the rest of the current WILDE range.

For more information visit www.oscaroscar.com.au