There’s an impressive line-up set for Ssh!, when the enticing education event takes to the stage next month (that line-up and those details can be founds here, and we encourage you to check that out), but today we’re zeroing in on two artists in that agenda. You see, Ssh! will present work from two of the international hairdressing industry’s most famous Richards.

Richard Kavanagh imagery

From Australia, Richard Kavanagh will perform, focusing on session work and how concepts grow to the page, while also addressing the differences between runway, photographic and red carpet hair.

“I can’t wait to join the lineup at Ssh! this year! I want to drill down into the methods that my clients fly me around the world for – and [explore] how these can translate from the pages of a magazine, to behind the chair,” Richard (Kavanagh) said. “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, that I’d like to share – but more than anything – I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with these incredible artists!”

Richard Kavanagh imagery

From Britain, Richard Ashforth of SACO Academy will also present, showcasing directional, innovative hair with a focus on precision cutting.

“It’s a pleasure to be returning to Ssh! in 2016 – we had a great time in 2014, and this was largely down to the very warm and welcoming audience,” Richard (Ashforth) said. “SACO Academy will have a brand new collection to share both at the Show and the Seminar. We have just shot it, and are very much looking forward to sharing!”

Richard Ashforth

The event kicks off with the show on Sunday November 13th, before a full-day masterclass to inspire attendees the following day.

Buy a ticket, attend the major event and, most importantly, pick a favourite Richard (personally, we can’t decide).

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