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X-Presion Are Creating Super Mario Hair

There are no bounds in modern hairdressing when it comes to artistry – as proven by the latest viral social media trend, courtesy of X-Presion. The talented Spanish team of hairdressers, comprised of Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer and Jose Luis Almendral , who you may remember for creating the pixelated hair technique not so long ago, have evolved that technique to create characters in hair, as seen from specific angles.

The first character starring in this experiment is none other than iconic video game character Mario, who was created as the group’s tribute to Japan (the trio recently enthralled crowds at Japan’s version of Noise, a hair show in Tokyo based off the London hair entertainment concept). Mario makes an appearance in a very complex pixelated hair look, when the hair is brushed in a particular way. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below.

And again…

The look left loose is a pixelated masterpiece, perfect when used editorially and even wearable for your more adventurous clients, and it’s only when the hair is brushed and styled correctly that its secret characterisation is revealed. The interesting new trend is a lesson in technical skill and creative ingenuity, once again blurring the line between hair fashion and art.

X-Presion’s entire Instagram account offers diverse inspiration, with the group using style and colour to transform hair in magazine shoots, runway looks and at-home experiments, highlighted by examples of pixelated hair colour. The Mario look may be their crowning glory – and if it doesn’t inspire you to be bolder, weirder and more unique with your own hair creations, then we haven’t done our job.

Which hair character are you going to create?

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