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You Can Audition To Be Part of the Redken Young Tribe Initiative

Where aspiring singers dream of auditioning for The Voice, fashion designers are long for Project Runway and even football players had their fifteen minutes on The Recruit, the new talent competition for hairdressers is finally here. You can audition to be part of the Redken Young Tribe Initiative, the prize of which is a two-year program with the brand to rival any record contract.


Applicants must prepare a six-part submission, which includes personal details and a photo, letters of recommendation, and a written component detailing why you wish to take part in the initiative. Applicants must also supply background information such as a list of awards, achievements and editorial work, a career biography and images, as well as a disclaimer and finally, a video, in the initial submission process.


Applications close on February 1st and candidates will be announced during February, after which they will need to attend a one-day live audition process to try and gain access to the program. The application form is available exclusively through authorised Redken salons. Applicants must have a minimum of five years of experience in hairdressing, be employed full time at a Redken salon and have permission from their current employer to attend the live audition and minimum of six development days in the 2016/2017 program.


The internationally recognised, two-year program promises growth in creative, technical, leadership and presentation skills, with mentoring and development by leading local and international artists. Those in the program will be backstage and onstage at workshops and events and network with their fellow talented team members.


It sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime, and with just under three weeks to complete your submission, the time to show your skills is now. Hopefully the Redken judges will turn their chairs.

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