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Your Salon Could Be Seen By 500,000 People

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name (and salon) in lights, we have big news. Also, if you previously had no dreams of stardom, that’s a mentality you should think about changing – the new frontier of video surpasses ego; video is now a vital tool in online marketing, gaining a social media following, client and employee recruitment, branding and more.

Next stop…

Big Review TV are Australia’s largest producer of online video content and INSTYLE has teamed up with them to enable you to capture your salon on film and broadcast it out to hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, social media and other channels online (both yours and theirs). You could utilise this package as a necessary marketing device, showcasing your salon under bright lights. The best part is that Big Review TV brings a wealth of expertise, provides all the equipment and has a full impressive production crew, but offers this all to your salon at an affordable price.

Salons can take part in a multitude of packages, all at realistic but differing price points, to receive a range of different edits, ranging from a 15 second Instagram essential video to a full 2 and a half minute expose on your business, and everything in between. The payment plan works over a year, where Big Review TV retain the copyright and you purchase the rights to the videos over 12 months. In most cases, this can be allocated as a tax deductable marketing expense.

After renewing your package when the year is done, you’re given new, updated content that shows off your salon once again. These packages start just below $1000 for the full year, and build to silver, gold and platinum packages that offer more and more content, meaning you can find the price plan that works for your salon, allowing you to create an extensive content library for your business.

Beyond that, Big Review TV, in association with INSTYLE are producing a series of online TV shows and are looking for the next major video stars in the hairdressing industry. These chosen salons will be featured in a series of exciting online TV shows to be rolled out throughout the year, that focus on a range of different topics (think salons delineated by locale, feature technique or trend).

A group of salons and personalities will be featured alongside each other in each show, a format Big Review TV has had much success with in the past for other industries – so much so that they can guarantee 500,000 internet users will view the footage when it goes live on all their channels (and yours), throughout the year!

For successful applicants, the Salons chosen will pay a designated amount towards inclusion in the show and also be given a package of licenced footage that singularly shows their salon in the annual packages described above. Big Review TV will actively promote the shows on their video platform, on their Youtube channel, across their social media accounts and of course through INSTYLE. These shows may also be syndicated to third parties and media organisations.

You could use this content on the home page of your website, as a flagship video on your YouTube channel, across your various social media outlets, in direct mail to your clients, in recruitment strategies and on loop on the big screen in your salon. Alongside Big Review TV sharing and promoting the videos as well, that’s a fair few eyes that will see what you have to offer.

Video is the new frontier of social media and it’s your job to inhabit news feeds and entice those scrolling for content into your salon. Highlight your salon’s best qualities in video form and throw your hat into the ring to be chosen as one of the hairdressing community’s video stars.

Whether it’s for ego or for marketing – either way, we won’t judge.

Watch a video about the opportunity below:

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