With Australian salons already impressed and on board with Japanese straightening brand Yuko, it was time for a new challenge. The brand has officially launched in Fiji, electing a flagship salon and introducing new straightening technology to the Fijian market.

Totoka Hair

The technology made it’s away to Fiji through the 21st century’s favourite education tool – the internet. Leanne Goff, salon owner of Yuko Fijian flagship Totoka Hair, discovered the product through online videos. The technology amazed her, considering she had previously disavowed professional straightening products in the salon for not producing results on strong, largely resistant Fijian hair. However, after trialing the Yuko system, she instantly realised this technology was completely different to anything she had tried before.


“To start with it was much straighter after rinsing the solution (an indicator it has worked well), so the blow-waving and ironing finished the process off,” Leanne shared. “After the process was completed, the hair was also shiny and felt healthy. Previously our clients had been frying their hair within an inch of its life (and sometimes more) to get it straight or close to straight. Yuko has meant we can keep the integrity of the hair, which as a salon professional I believe is very important.”


Leanne next came to Australia to train with Yuko expert Mai of Melbourne’s Maison Tsumiki salon, where she learnt how to us the Yulo products on coloured hair without compromising it. She now takes this technology and education back to Fiji, giving the brand the chance to expand its international presence from there.

Totoka Hair

For more information visit yuko.com.au