Created by Lee, Averille and Tamika Stavroulis, Zebu Hair’s all new look is comprised of floor to ceiling mirrors, a dominant black and white monochromatic colour palette and hero chandeliers – meaning aesthetic inspiration lies in every single design decision of this Victorian salon.

“We collectively created a look that is timeless and elegant,” the trio said. “We focused on simple lines. Our aim was to keep all the work areas clean and minimal. The redesign decisions were all about keeping simple lines and open spaces, creating feeling of openness and elegance in every part of our salon from our reception area to the salon workstation and through to the wash basins.”

The salon haven is kept bright by looking out onto the street with an entire wall of windows. Clients then walk into the all-white reception area, which offers added brightness for true relaxation.

Black walls, interior pieces and finishes offer the edgy, classic look in the main salon area, while a colour bar is a structural staple right in the centre of the space.

“The colour bar is a space we love. It was created to keep the open space Instead of being tucked away it is now a feature and we love it,” the trio explained.

The aesthetic perfectly suits the well-established salon clientele, with relaxation, professionalism and quality always top of mind, to create a calming environment and complement top-tier salon services.

“Our clientele in general are from all ages and we seem to encourage professional and corporate ladies,” the group explained. “Our vibe is to try and keep our busy community relaxed, and our knowledge of the scalp and keeping the maximum health of our guests hair with every service, sets our salon apart. We’re always challenging our creative skills and that never stops.”

Zebu Hair’s team have won international creative awards and share their work to thousands of Instagram followers. This new design is the latest step in their consistent salon ascendency.

“Next for Zebu Hair Artistry, with these crazy times, it is best for our team to take the time to breathe and try to keep our guests and maintain a healthy and safe environment,” the salon team said. “With this way of thinking and working we are more focused, and our ladies are far more relaxed – everybody wins.”

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