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Bright Young Thing

Making a name for himself as a Fourth Year Apprentice at é SALON, Styleicons chats with young gun Mason Fahim.

Mason Fahim

How did you get started in hairdressing, and what made you choose this as a career?
When I was growing up I was never really sure of what I wanted to be. My mother was a hairdresser, and was a major influence to me. Initially it was the fact of being able to be social and interact with the client, however as time went on and I starting to “work” full time I discovered more.

Now I consider hairdressing as a big part of my life if not the majority of it. I see it now not only as a physical trade but a mental trade as well where I have grown to be mature and independent, showing respect and being courteous to all my co-workers as a team.

What or who inspires you artistically?
Some of the things that inspire me are art, reality, perception of things but most importantly creating the strongest feelings from the simplest thoughts and ideas.

Through time I noticed how happy my mother always made the clients every time they left her salon. I realized that doing hair was also a form of art that became the true inspiration. Being able to project my feelings and emotions out to the physical world, and have that affect someone else in such a positive way is a really wonderful thing. Other inspirations are Anthony Mascolo and the Sassoon Creative Team.

What are your goals for your hairdressing career?
It’s one of my ultimate goals to be an internationally recognized hairdresser, travelling to educate, and showcase to the world what hairdressing means to me. I’m excited to think about being given the opportunity of working on Fashion Week in New York and London in the future!

Who are your heroes/mentors?
My heroes would have to be Mark Hayes and Kevin Murphy. As an international hairdressing icon Mark Hayes derives his inspiration from all aspects of life, including art, evolving them into concepts – something I particularly desire to do.

More of a recent hero to me is Kevin Murphy because of the story of how he got to be where he is. Being Australian is just the bonus however he was initially making his own products in his kitchen and that to me seems like determination to be something different.

My mentors (whom I also see as my heroes) are my boss, Emiliano Vitale, colleague Lisa Muscat and my mother. Mum has always been there to support me. She always makes sure I have everything I need from my work in the salon and personally out of the salon. She gives me strength.

What’s been your greatest achievement so far?
I’ve really enjoyed being given the opportunity to collaborate on a creative level with various companies for different showcases. I’m currently a MyCurl ambassador, and had the privilege of presenting onstage for Hair Biz at the Sydney Convention Center. I was also a member of the Alterna Creative Team working on Alex Perry’s fashion show at Sydney Fashion Week and I was privileged to assist é SALON Creative Director, Emiliano Vitale, in Adelaide for the Intercoiffure show. 

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