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Cassie’s Brave Shave

Everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by breast cancer – and one brave hairdresser, Cassie Harwood, has decided to do something about it.

Cassie Harwood

The 23 year old, a hairdresser at Hair Machine, Norwood SA, for the past eight years, has decided to part with her much-loved blonde bob and is set to shave it off with the aim of raising $10,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Already, Cassie has raised over $5000 and everyone from friends and family to local businesses and hairdressing clients have been getting in on the fundraising action.

“Money buckets” have been placed in the Hair Machine salon as well as at various business around the local area – Cassie is also cross-promoting with local businesses through facebook.

The shave day will be held at Hair Machine Norwood on December 12, 2010 where raffles will be held to raise additional funds.

Cassie initially sent out a letter introducing herself and her cause – and so far, the response has been extremely positive.

The letter said:

“My name is Cassie Harwood. I am a 23 year old hairdresser who like most of us, have been affected by a loved one with breast cancer.

As there is no cure yet, the best medicine is awareness. In saying this I have decided to shave my head to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The date for “Cassie’s Brave Shave” event is set for 12th of December 2010.

I am aware that people are always asking for donations in these harsh economic times. In knowing this I will use every form of media and social networking to advertise all my sponsors’ businesses as well as personally promote your business through our salon clients and contacts.

Please visit below the secure National Breast Cancer Foundation website where you can make your donation and receive your tax receipt. Once you have done so please email me any information on your business including logos etc for business recognition for social networking and advertising.

I really hope you can help me in even the smallest way as anything will be greatly appreciated and go towards a great cause!”

Cassie Harwood, styleicons salutes you!

To make your donation to Cassie’s Brave Shave, click HERE

To Visit Cassie’s Brave Shave Facebook page, click HERE 

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