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Perth based hair and makeup salon Ebony & Ivory was recently featured in the global best selling Black Hair & Beauty Magazine ‘Sophisticates Black Hair Styles Magazine’ – Styleicons spoke with salon owner Joan Dellavalle on her success.

Joan Dellavelle

With almost a decade’s worth of experience in the hairdressing industry, Joan Dellavalle has crossed the globe from Zambia to develop a reputation based on hard work, passion for her craft and the ability to make everyone feel welcome.

“It is so fantastic to be highlighted in a global magazine and we proudly cater to all hair types and skin tones at our salon in Perth – which truly makes us stand out,” said Joan who this year will be participating in an international hairstyles conference in Jamaica.

Ebony & Ivory featured in Sophisticates Black Hair Styles Magazine

We spoke to Joan about her hairdressing life:

What sparked your interest in hairdressing?
My hair type is afro hair. It was hard to find a stylist that could understand my type of hair in 2001 in Australia (Perth) as most stylists had never even touched afro Hair .My creative side and the love of making people feel positive about themselves after a salon visit sparked my interest.

What do you love most about hairdressing and being a salon owner?
The opportunity to meet so many diverse and interesting people and being able to do all hair types. I love doing all types but my favourite are hair extensions and how this transforms a person and gives them there charisma back. I think my biggest joy of being a salon owner is to open doors and give opportunity to those looking for a place to work; to share knowledge with them in training future hairdressing and leaders.

When did Ebony & Ivory open? What was the most challenging aspect?
We first opened our doors in 2003 the challenging aspect was trying to run a business whilst still going to college and working two jobs.

What is your hairdressing style or philosophy?
My style of hairdressing is by approaching each of my client’s as first class .My philosophy is that a good stylists needs to be a good listener and then deliver results and work with a client to achieve the final result with passion, creativity and charisma

What trends are you seeing amongst your clientele?
Bangs are back, balayage, ombre and dip-dyed ends have continued into 2013, with long hair and pixie cuts making a come back

Are you tied to any charity works?
Yes I love charity work and I support a few charities within Australia and around the world. Just this month I have just paid schools fees for 83 kids from the Elisama Orphanage in Bali; it’s a must for me to donate to the Telethon each year and we have been donating to Kimberley Girl since 2006 and so many more to mention!

Ebony & Ivory
25 Barrack Street, Perth, (08) 9325 4001 

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