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Fashionable Flair from Mieka’s Melvin

Part of the award winning team at Mieka Hairdressing, Styleicons chatted with graduate stylist Melvin Royce-Lane who is as dedicated as he is passionate about expression through hair.

What do you love most about hairdressing?
I love how everyday is full of creativity and innovation and the diversity that hairdressing provides to be able to grow in so many directions. Learning and pushing the boundaries to become the best you can be.

Who has been the driving force behind your career to date?
It would be my amazing mentor, Tracey Hughes. She is a fantastic educator and truly has the ability to inspire you to become the very best you can be. Tracey has taught me that anything is possible.

How does it feel to be part of a multi-award winning team?
It feels amazing to be part of a multi-award winning team. Mieka is very unique because we have such a strong education culture. This culture fosters ongoing learning and growth within all the team members and the energy within the team is always so highly motivational. We feed off each other’s creativity, and respect each other’s individuality. As a team we drive to succeed at what we love the most – which is hair and educating each other and our clients.

What do you love about current hair trends?
Right now I love how anything goes where there is a unique collaboration in hair and clothes. Everyone has their own style and puts in their own twist to it and what I love is any look that creates an individual image. Im particularly loving the clean, strong lines we are seeing in the haircut shapes and the fact that the art of precision cutting is re-emerging.

What’s your must-have hair product?
Right now I’m in love with Redken Powder Grip. Everyone loves big hair and that textured, ‘just got out of bed’ look, and it’s great because it can fit in your bag or in your pocket.

What is it that you love about session styling?
I love the buzz and energy that takes place backstage at fashion week. Also I love when a team works together on a shoot and the amount of creativity that can flow when everyone contributes their ideas. The most important aspect in hairdressing is working in a salon environment, which will always be my first priority, but session styling allows your imagination to go to a whole new dimension.

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