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marie uva

The work of Marie Uva can be aligned to the Stereogram; focus shortly on the masterminded collaboration of colourful pattern work and a magnificent image will form – hypnotic and addictive, Marie Uva’s talent invites the imagination out to play amid an ever-evolving world of colour. If you have not yet seen or heard the presence of this kaleidoscopic talent, it’s only a matter of education seminars and award ceremonies until her heartfelt passion, technical ability and limitless understanding of colour commands your attention.

Anyone present at Wella’s Hair Expo Trend Factory seminar would have witnessed Marie’s magical fusion of hot pink, magenta and aqua resulting in a tie-dyed effect adorning platinum ponies that would have blown Jim Morrison’s mind – making this expert of melding bright colours seamlessly the ultimate ambassador for Wella’s new ColourCascading technique. Inspired by the fabric movements currently sweeping our retail shelves in a Spring fairytale, the newfangled application method aims to transform clients’ hair into the season’s must-have accessory.

“Colour Cascading offers hairdressers a new approach to colour – the perfect answer for technicians and clients seeking an uplifting change for Spring. The beauty of this technique is its versatility – adapt as you like for a subtle or high-fashion effect,” advises Marie. Selecting Marie as Ambassador for Wella’s latest innovation was a no-brainer for Wella’s Australian and New Zealand Technical Manager, Andrew Tetley.

“Marie is a treasured find in the world of aspiring hairdressers. Her enthusiasm spills over into all areas of her work and is infectious when dealing with her personally or watching her command attention on the stage. Marie’s independence in the eyes of colourists is something that always sets her apart and we at Wella Professionals greatly admire. Marie is definitely someone to watch!” boasts Andrew.

A volunteer industry slave for the past ten years, Marie has welcomed reward for her efforts through alliance with the country’s most sort after prizes. National recognition reigned for Marie with finalist positions in the most recent AHFA and Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year award – a pleasant wind down from a swift stint in Spain thanks to a national win in Wella’s 2007 Trend Vision competition. Consider the many education platforms Marie has utilised to spread knowledge and, the countless backstage passes she has carried to shape emerging hair trends over the past 12 months and, the question arises – how does this woman maintain such vigour in the motivation province?

“Leading an amazing group of hairdressers as Creative Director at Rokk Ebony, kick starts my desire to succeed each and every morning,” says Marie. A mere murmur of this well-known hair group and the bright-eyed, somewhat unruly, Joey Scandizzo, springs to mind – Marie’s arguably not-quite-better half and wingman in the game of turning industry heads.

“Joey and I bounce off one another. At one extreme, such a close working relationship can lead to days of cold silence between us however, other occasions welcome a collaborative effort in the production of some of the most creative and directive moments of our careers to date,” explains Marie of the importance in surrounding yourself with positive, inspiring people. And Joey feels equally for Marie.

“Although Marie and I often resemble Danny Green and Anthony Mundine in the ring when brainstorming and developing forthcoming collections, I can honestly say, Marie pushes me whilst expanding my view on possibilities with both colour and styling – she is the colour behind me,” says Joey.

“It is easy to get caught up in certain aspects of this industry. Marie’s reputation as one of the company’s most influential motivators never slips – not only a consistent role model for the eighty odd staff that look to her for inspiration, but also to me!”

Aficionado of star technician, Belinda Jefferies, Marie understands the power of creating an industry signature that, much like a Givenchy gown or McQueen skirt, introduces the creator and their reputation with theatre-Esk bows at a mere glance.

“I love bold, bright shades – tones that celebrate the power of colour. I enjoy bleeding colours into one another – this technique can be manipulated to produce results from subtle to severe,” explains Marie. With this in mind, it seems Marie’s colour table will sport no vacancies this season as, according to this modern Italian with eyes that echo the Mediterranean, Spring fashion is playing groupie to Woodstock’s Jimmi Hendrix.

“Radiant tones will play muse to the technique of merging colours for a fused result reflective of the tie-dyed, relaxed feel currently making fashion headlines,” predicts Marie.

“Think bright copper simmering into warm gold with a hint of pale rose.” A perfect request to match the floral prints making waves on material runways – hair and fashion are showing no sign of cooling their torrid love affair.

“As a technician, it is vital to maintain a finger-on-the-pulse relationship with fashion’s fleeting moments so your clients can trust they are receiving hot-right-now colours and techniques. An innovative hair colour can sometimes make a mightier fashion statement than any new dress or killer pair of heels and is a lot more permanent so, maintaining international trend knowledge via VOGUE, ESTETICA and FTV is paramount!” Marie advises.

In addition to a close association with a partner in crime, Marie cites fashion, self-challenge, education maintenance and active competition work as key factors driving her success; honesty and integrity are what have earned Marie revered relationships with, not only her clients, but leading professional brands and Australia’s most influential session stylists. In an industry with an egotistical, political undertone, Marie’s loyal and classy path to success is one to be admired and, has made for an untarnished industry profile with ample longevity and prolific respect – with opportunities of a lifetime to boot.

Before too long Marie will be getting cosy with New York lifestyle as her multi-tasked hand is turned momentarily away from colour and to hair of the world’s best kept models at New York Fashion Week. No doubt this year will parade some of the finest hair design yet.

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