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Nick Bracks for GQ

Nick Bracks is joining fashion elite in the current edition of men’s magazine, GQ, where he is featured in his first ever photo shoot as the face of the annual American Crew 2010 FACE OFF competition magazine available with the June/July issue of GQ.

Having released the booklet annually for the past six years, this is the first time American Crew has seen a model with a social profile featured on the front cover.

GQ Editor, Nick Smith, has witnessed the rapid popularity of the American Crew brand and men’s grooming during its long-time affiliation.

“We love the association with American Crew Face Off. Our readers now call us, wanting to know when the Face Off magazine will be in GQ. We’ll also be considering Nick Bracks for a fashion shoot in our magazine, following his good showing on the cover.”

Since leading men’s grooming brand, American Crew, spotted Bracks and booked him for his first ever shoot in December 2009, his career has blossomed with a portfolio of experience including Melbourne Fashion Week in February this year.

Nick Bracks and Dane Frex at the FACE OFF winners event

The speed at which his modelling career has begun to take off is a complete surprise to Bracks who has been focusing on completing his business degree and initially saw it as a side project that spiralled into a profession for him.

“I never considered modelling as a career path until American Crew approached me to do a test shoot. It was after this they decided to hire me as a model for the brand and helped to introduce me to more opportunities in the industry. The whole experience has been amazing, to all of a sudden represent a renowned high-quality brand with products that have such a broad appeal and reputation,” recalls Bracks.

“Like anything you do for the first time there is always a bit of apprehension which is why I was surprised at how comfortable I was when I actually started. I think it is a great platform for me to develop and grow, not just as a model but as a person.”

The future looks bright for Bracks; since aligning with American Crew, his manager Greg Tyshing has signed him to Melbourne agency, Chadwick Models.

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