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Profile: ghd Ambassador Adam Reed

ghd global brand ambassador and campaign architect Adam Reed landed in Sydney for a mere 48 hours, and we stole a moment of his frenetic time.

We interviewed international ghd ambassador Adam Reed in his natural habitat – that is, with one hand on a ghd tool, styling a model’s hair, backstage on set to the chorus of a snapping camera.


Adam Reed on set

Speaking even more to his character and lifestyle, Adam had arrived just that morning on an overnight flight from Thailand for his two-day Australian stay, and was maybe the most energetic person in the room as we shot the Debbie Harry-inspired ghd editorial for the September October issue of INSTYLE. He appeared enthralled in the process of creation that captures his daily life with an energy that noticeably uplifted the scene and people around him.

That pretty much sums up the figure that is Adam Reed – creative, well-travelled and, seemingly, immune from jet lag. Adam’s exhausting schedule includes two days per week in salon back home in London (his Percy & Reed brand encompasses two locations and a burgeoning product line), celebrity styling, worldwide education and his incomparable work for ghd. Within this role, he invents and styles the iconic brand’s global campaigns that you eventually see splashed across magazines, advertisements and in-salon artwork around the world.

“I work with the creative team, everybody from the photographer to the makeup artist to marketing, to come up with the looks, and we’re all really aware, globally,” he shared. “It’s always so interesting to work globally, because every market is looking at something different. We try to get looks that will sit beautifully across every market, and that appeal to a consumer as well.” The key, according to Adam, is crafting ‘desirable hair’, in its gloss, shine and condition – the hair everyone of your clients would want.

Styling and speaking alongside fellow ghd ambassador and styling legend Jayne Wild, the duo pondered the nature of communicating with global audiences in their imagery, audiences that are often time zones and seasons apart. The biggest hindrance to this international conversation is trends that are somewhat dominated by versatile climates and incongruous seasons.


Adam Reed on set

“You want it to be on trend without it being trendy,” Adam said of his campaign creations. “A lot of things need to look up to date, but are actually timeless.”

“The campaigns are always on trend and seasons do dictate that. Here we always feel like we’re so far behind things, so we try and be even further ahead. We do try and follow these guys very closely, and try to be on par,” Jayne opined from the Australian perspective.

This season, that universal trend is quality. Regardless of style, hair needs to look at its optimum health, whether leaving the salon or speaking to you from the prints of the latest ghd campaign. Fortunately, Jayne and Adam are well supported by a styling brand that puts hair condition at the forefront. Platinum, in particular, purposefully protects the hair, giving hairdressers more freedom and peace of mind when styling.

“We’re lucky to be with a company, where the brains behind it, the inventors, or as I call them, the geeks, actually care about us, as hairdressers, they want to make things for us, to allow the hair its optimum shine, feel and health,” Jayne shared.


ghd campaign by Adam Reed

Another gift afforded to the ambassadors by the brand is its creative focus on hair. Even within his busy schedule, Adam still takes time to reflect on his good fortunes, in a lifestyle that not only asks him to create hair for a living – but craft it editorially and artistically too.

“If I’m on a shoot for a magazine, I’m complementing a look that I’m being asked to do, whereas when you’re doing a shoot for ghd, you’re creating the full look from the hair,” he said. “I love the fact that I work with amazing teams of people to create looks that are shown all over the world.” This freedom floored him when he first took the reins on a ghd campaign, and still amazes him as he surveys his latest hair creations on set with INSTYLE. He speaks animatedly about various shoots that still stand out as highlights – from numerous Christmas campaigns to the artwork for the beloved ghd platinum.

Always the jet-setter, Adam is now staring down the barrel of three intense months of international education. With an intimate knowledge of so much of the world, we asked him where he would settle down if his time, schedule or insatiable drive would ever permit him to do so.

“Where do I want to live?” he clarified, and then without missing a beat, “Bourke Street, Surry Hills. I’ve already chosen the house; it’s in between the Beresford and Vacanza Pizza. I just love it here.”

“It’s a lovely way of life,” Jayne agreed. “You should come!”

Adam, our proverbial door is always open.

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