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Say hello to beauty blog The Plastic Diaries

Believing that beauty is best, Styleicons spends five minutes with blogger Kimmi of The Plastic Diaries

Kimmi of The Plastic Diaries

What is your blog called? How did you come up with the name?
The Plastic Dairies name came about very organically. Back in 2008, I had my first cosmetic procedure and at the time I was living in a different state to where I was having the surgery. My friends wanted to keep track of my daily progress so I started a free little blog as an online diary. So, Plastic Surgery + Online Diary = The Plastic Diaries.

When did you start blogging?
About 3 months after the nose job was all over I stopped updating the website. In 2009 I hit crossroads with my career and decided I wanted a big change. I started developing my idea for a beauty website and in May 2010 I launched the revamped version of The Plastic Diaries.

What is your blog about, why did you choose to blog about that topic?
The Plastic Diaries is all about beauty, everything beauty. I am an extremely shallow person and anything that improves my looks is of high interest to me. I started The Plastic Diaries (as it is today) because I knew I wasn’t the only one out there who doesn’t want to age gracefully. I wanted to explore, investigate, feel and find anything that claims to improve ones looks. That includes cosmetic enhancement, cosmetics, spas and skincare …. plus everything in between.

Do you blog full-time or part time?
I stay at home to care for my mother who is battling cancer at the moment. This has allowed me to work full-time on my blog and other projects to create what will hopefully be a successful business network.

What is the best thing about blogging?
Helping people. No, I know that sounds cheesy and I am usually anti-helping people but it is so rewarding when someone comments on one of your pots that you have said or done something that has changed their life for the positive. Other than that, I honestly think I am way better looking than I was a year ago.


What have you been involved in recently?
Education is a huge part of what I do. I take my beauty blogging very seriously and I attempt to learn as much as I can. For that reason, in the past year I have travelled overseas twice to search out great content pieces, I attended Cosmetex and every beauty related trade show that was held in Sydney. I also attended BlogWorld Expo to increase my blogging skills and I will be attending it again this year. Also coming up this year, I have co-created a unique blogging community event called Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend, I’ll be heading to BlogHer in San Diego and also reporting live from Cosmoprof in Las Vegas.

Any last words?
Yes. Take blogging seriously! Just because we don’t have a degree for what we do it doesn’t mean we aren’t highly educated in our field. Bloggers love what they do and that often means more than being paid for it.

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