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The late Vidal Sassoon

At the age of 84, Vidal Sasoon passed away Wednesday (yesterday) evening in his Los Angeles home from natural causes.

Every so often, life on earth is blessed with beings who change the world as we know it – forever. Mick Jagger, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein are three fine examples, but the emphasis today is on the late and great Vidal Sassoon – the man who “changed the world with a pair of scissors.”

Pre-Sassoon hairdressing life was mundane in the grand scheme of things. Services the modern hairdresser cringes at the mere thought of were an everyday reality – perm anyone? Like post Jagger rock n roll– the standard was bland with not an ounce of sex appeal.

Vidal Sassoon released women (and their hairdressers!) from stiff, high maintenance looks. He brought them confidence, charisma and self expression through cropped cuts, precision, new texture and wash-and-go wedges – he is the man responsible for branding hair design as an ‘accessory.’ Vidal was the first link in the chain now fiercely binding hair and fashion, he has paved the session stylists’ career path – not to mention the extensive opportunities/profit this has brought to professional hair companies. The influence is utterly endless. He was, without a doubt, a genius.

Back then “we were creating something that was socially necessary,” Sassoon told the Los Angeles Time s in 1993.

“Vidal has been without a doubt my biggest mentor in the industry – he was a rockstar. He defined our industry, he took the way the world looked at hair and he changed it,” says Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2012 finalist, Joey Scandizzo.

“He stood the test of time. Everything about him and everything he created was so progressive but equally timeless, he has made me the hairdresser I am today – every fundamental applied to my work in the salon, as an educator and session stylist has evolved from Sassoon,” continues Joey.

It’s the ultimate coo for any hairdresser and affiliated business – “I’m Sassoon trained,” “I worked for Sassoon,” ‘I completed a Sassoon course.” Vidal was the industry oracle. Should ever our highest creatives require inspiration or refinement, off to Sassoon they would travel – not matter how much it cost or how far they had to fly.

“To change the mindset of an entire industry is phenomenal – not just an industry, but close to an entire population. He changed the face of beauty as the world knew it,” believes Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year 2012 finalist, Marie Uva.

“We can all only aspire to be like him, I don’t think anyone will ever do what he has done.”

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