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Tracey Hughes

tracey hughes
Tracey Hughes for Redken 5th Avenue NYC

“What makes me happiest is when a young stylist approaches me and says ‘oh my God Trace, that was the best haircut I’ve ever done, I get it now!’ To see their face light up and their confidence grow is the biggest reward – it is all very well to stand on stage and say ‘this is how you cut hair’ but when you make a difference to someone’s life, that is the ultimate prize,” comments Tracey.

The latter sums up Hughes in a nutshell – she is the electricity, if you will, responsible for countless clarifying ‘light bulb’ moments in the minds of hairdressers about the globe, and the spark igniting Mieka Hairdressing’s award winning philosophy.

Recognised as one of the most dedicated educational tools of Australian hairdressing, Tracey understands that the essentials to making art as well as to instructing about its creation are; observation and experimentation – this walking textbook of technical formulations and creative flair for hair design has opened up
in a new laboratory for innovation.

tracey  hughes
Tracey Hughes

“There are two reasons why I made the change to Redken 5th Avenue NYC, one is their support; the education given by Redken over the changeover has been unsurpassable and has injected new motivation into the team which has subsequently reflected in salon figures. The second is because the image of Redken suits Mieka – as a brand from NYC, progression and edge are celebrated over commercial movements,” says Tracey. and Redken are equally excited.

“As soon as the two businesses (Redken and Mieka) started working together you could just feel that they were aligned,” comments Natalie Butler, Marketing Manager of Redken.

The teacher is justified to lead students only if (s)he is and remains a student – a viewpoint continuously embraced by Tracey and the fuel behind her leap to Redken’s perch. “I’m attending Symposium in LA where I will embrace more education about the brand before heading into Redken’s head office in NYC to meet key players and learn more about the culture. It is so important to educate yourself – you can’t keep giving to people if your not giving to yourself,” advises Tracey.

If this is the case, any previous records set by Hughes are about to be smashed – Redken is proud of their new recruit, and has the resources, will and know-how to ameliorate the talent to hairdressing super-hero like status.

Redken is passionate about building the profiles and businesses of their artists, so Tracey will have available any support she requires to take her already established success to the next level. Tracey will be working on many exciting projects for Redken in 2009 and we plan on promoting Tracey and Mieka aggressively in both trade and consumer media,” says Natalie.

Redken is geared to roll out an April road show packed with new shades for the discerning technician. Planned to execute in a show format, Tracey, Phillip Barwick (Redken Co-Artistic Director) and Mana Dave (NZ Hairdresser of the Year) will impart knowledge on tones that have gained Tracey’s stamp of approval – an ink mark difficult to gain from this woman of intriguing style.

“I can’t tell you what the shades are, but I can say that they really suit me which is a bit of a give away as most people know I prefer unusual colour work!” confesses Tracey.

August/September will reveal something new for blondes on the Redken stage, specialist on goldilocks, Christina Russell, will pair with Tracey in another event set to hop into each of the nation’s major capital cities chock full of enlightenment for hair designers.

In between educating her home soil with new waves of product and skill, Tracey will visit four obscure international spots as representative of Redken Australia with aim of widening the eyes and admiration levels of our foreign counterparts with the ability of hairdressing down under.

Tracey’s glow comes not from celebrity status and an air of arrogance, but from priceless passion. This wise owl detects the re-emergence of a classical trend is about to call on solid technical ability.

“People are realising they don’t have the technical foundation to support this movement – it’s something we have lost. Those that do have the technical skill behind them should be giving back to the industry – we do have a skill shortage and should be ensuring the future of hairdressing is in safe and capable hands,” says Tracey.

And this fairy godmother of Australian hairdressing plans to ensure hands from the dustiest corners of our nation are kept up to speed with her own personal seminars – Tracey feels regional areas are often neglected when it comes to education. On top of this, budding assistants of the Mieka clan will become part of Tracey’s travel luggage when jet setting to international auditoriums and fashion weeks – a sure way to cultivate a fine brood of stylists
and strengthen the prospectus of a leading brand for hair.

“Redken is committed to providing cutting edge artistic inspiration for Australian hairdressers and Tracey’s education philosophy is very much inline with this vision. Her passion for developing and inspiring others to expand their talents and grow in their professional capacity is amazing, and we can’t wait to get her on the Redken stage,” says Natalie.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. Get ready for divine intervention by two of the industry’s greatest forces held arm in arm – the possiblities are endless.

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