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Voices by Wendy Gunn

INK for Hair is no stranger to hairdressing stardom, having picked up numerous colour awards in the salon’s 10 year history at Newmarket. Points of difference, European flair and exceptional colour and service are crucial to the salon’s booked-out appointment schedule and Wendy thought it was time to share some of these successes for the first-time in her career.

Wendy Gunn in action

The seminar came across as a ‘day in the life’ at INK for Hair and in true INK form there was no shortage of humour or couture creativity. Perhaps after more than 40 years in the industry there’s no time for messing around as Wendy certainly tells it like it is.

“Face shape is what I’m all about. Years ago I was tunnel vision and I would look at just the hair. Now I look at the person and take a futuristic approach to their face shape, scalp and lifestyle,” said Wendy.

Working live on four models and using her ‘special vibrating tool’ – an electric razor that thins and seals the hair set the tone for the upbeat and informative presentation.

“On all our haircuts we do the baseline first using this tool. It is not a razor, it’s my electric vibrating tool,” said Wendy.

One of Wendy Gunn’s hair models

Wendy showed the audience how she provides each client with a highly personalised service by truly listening to their needs and referencing three face shapes; medium energy, sky energy and earth energy. “Just by using these three different energies has really changed the way I look at my clients,” Wendy said.

Scalp health is another area that INK for Hair really specialises in and Wendy’s passion for clean, healthy hair and recommending the right products was a core part of her presentation.

“All of my staff are trained to wash their hair everyday – it’s a prerequisite for working at INK and our clients always comment on how great our hair looks. It’s not selling products, it’s a prescription for allowing the hair to be the best it can be,” she said.

Wendy admits her approach to hairdressing now is very different to her formative years as a hairdresser in Victoria’s Ballarat and that she is now more passionate about the industry and her approach than ever.

“I cut with the feel and relate to hair like a piece of clothing. The difference we can make to our clients really lies in the ability to look at their face shape. My approach is not revolutionary but perhaps a little bit different. I don’t run through the ingredients of products I tell them what it will do for their hair. I don’t think we spend enough time being straight with clients,” she said.  INK’s retail figures really stand up to this belief that people want a solution and not to be sold to.

One of Wendy’s creations

Wendy’s approach to hair is very humble and sometimes alarmingly honest but it’s her talented team that helped her on the night, Heather and Caitlin in particular, that stand by the philosophy at INK for Hair.

“When I finished my apprenticeship I was just a hairdresser – I underestimated my power and now that I look at the person and not the hair, I really feel and own what I’m doing and that’s what I feel is missing in hairdressing,” Wendy said.

Wendy finished off the seminar with an avant-garde creation, drawing on what inspired her at L’Orèal Professionnel’s 100 year anniversary in Paris.


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