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Blooming Fashion

Melbourne was bathed in sartorial splendour in early September, as the fashion and beauty savvy celebrated the spring/summer collections of Australia’s top designers for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

kevin murphy

Session-styling dynamo Kevin Murphy was appointed Hair Director for the sixth year running, and along with his 15-strong team of Kevin.Murphy super stylists, created show-stopping, distinctive styles to complement the new season’s fashion.

kevin murphy

Designer Show One saw the Kevin.Murphy team inspired by Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched – think girly glamour with a twist. “We took Montgomery’s high glamour and made it asymmetric by taking the styles to the side,” said Murphy, who was also inspired by Aurelio Costarella’s designs which featured in the parade.

By contrast, Designer Show Two was inspired by Bianca Jagger but with a bold military flavour. “We looked to movie stars from the 70s and took them to the Bahamas. The end result was a bedded rockstar’s girlfriend,” said Murphy.

Show Three saw a magical look inspired by fairy tale heroine Rapunzel, “with victory rolls,” said Murphy. “We recreated the 1940s war hairstyle and made it smaller, chicer and contemporary – think Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love film clip.”

The fourth show saw clean, modern lines, inspired by Bo Derek in the movie 10. “I wanted to bring back the 1970s crimp but make it more modern by making it much bigger. I also wanted to keep the hair off the face and the clothes. The designs were varied so it needed to be really clean,” Kevin explained.

Always happy to impart his knowledge, Kevin Murphy Session Secrets workshops were also run throughout the week. Team stylist James Furness ran four inspiring how-to sessions including ‘How to Get a Screen Siren Look That Lasts’ ensuring, that all in attendance left with the know- how to create dazzling styles whether on – or off – the catwalk.

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