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ghd Australia styles Sass & Bide at LFW A/W 2010

ghd Australia teamed with session styling superwhizz Renya Xydis on February 19, to style the hair for Sass & Bide’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, Tomorrow the Great.

Hair director Renya Xydis produced a dramatic, voluminous style featuring a gold skullcap positioned on the side of the head. To create the look, she used the ghd IV styler, plus key products from the ghd thermodynamics range including Maximise Mousse and Fat Hair.

“The inspiration was to bring drama and theatre into the hair, creating a sculptural style with an futuristic edge,” said Xydis.

Sass & Bide design duo, Heidi Middleton and Sarah Jane Clarke, created a visual collection celebrating the drama of contrast and contradiction at their catwalk show, held in the majestic surrounds of Somerset House in the Strand.

Their modern take on Edwardian style evoked a sense of faded grandeur with high-necks and structured styles embellished in an eccentric mix of shell, bone, metal and perspex.

Strong shapes and clean silhouettes made way for a graphic clashing of stripes, ziz-zags and ethnic print-work, completing a cross-cultural aesthetic.


1. Section by section apply a generous amount of ghd Maximise Mousse to dry hair from roots to ends, ensuring the hair is wet with product.

2. Apply ghd Fat Hair lotion around the hair line to create extra height and volume.

3. Blow dry the hair. Using your fingers gently massage the root area to further enhance body and volume.

4. Place headpiece in desired position and secure with pins

5. Starting from the front hairline and working down towards the nape, begin teasing sections from roots to ends, lightly misting with ghd Ultimate hairspray as you go.

6. Once you have teased the entire head lightly brush the teasing out to create a fluffy, pliable texture.

7. Using your ghd IV Salon Styler bend the ends of the hair to make it easier to shape the

8. Using a soft bristle brush and your hands mould the hair into the desired shape and secure with U pins.

9. Finish with ghd Ultimate Spray for hold and ghd Reflection Spray for a mirror-like shine.  


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