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Karlie Kloss Headlines David Jones AW 17

Under the towering presence of Sydney’s St. Mary’s Cathedral in the centre of the city, a transparent marquee was erected for one of this season’s most high-profile fashion events – creating an intimate world packed with star models, VIP guests and even its own weather system.

We’re talking, of course, of the David Jones Autumn Winter 2017 show that took place last night – which headlined international supermodel Karlie Kloss alongside other high-profile ambassadors such as Jesinta Franklin and Jessica Gomes. Beyond that, the Autumn Winter show captured the theme of dressing beyond the seasons, drawing on Australia’s unreliable weather (Melbourne we’re looking at you) and expressing how fashion and beauty can fit in with these erratic seasons with thunder clap soundtracks and fake rain that felt almost real when sitting inside the marquee.

Those seasonal themes were apparent in the hair and beauty looks. Aveda took care of the hair styling backstage, creating one look specifically based on a ‘couture hair’ brief, for models and ambassadors alike.

“Unlike other years where the ambassadors did their own thing, everyone’s getting a version of this look,” Aveda’s Creative Director for David Jones, Terri Robertson-Kirkwood revealed backstage before the show. “The models are definitely doing the more couture side, really edgy. The ambassadors are going to be getting a more commercial version, which is really good because that relates to couture fashion anyway.”

The look drew on the disparate fashion textures of the catwalk (think velvets alongside shine and sequins) by splitting the hair into gelled, smooth and shiny on top, and matte and moveable at the back – sometimes actively delineated by a small braid along the back of the head. Where the models took these disparate textures to their extremes, the ambassadors showed its more wearable version, taking the look from runway to salon.

“I went and had a look at the fashion in Paris last week, so we came up with the look that’s edgy but still beautiful, and when we get them on set the gloss will be taken to the next level,” Terri said.

“The ambassadors aren’t going as tight, the models have pomade on the top so it will look like sheer glass, but the back is matte and will move,” she continued. “The ambassadors are going more natural, not quite as tight, and still with a natural flow, so it is exactly the same look but one end is high end commercial and one is high end couture.”

Hero products included the brand’s Split End Repair cream, used here for styling, rather than repair, to imbue the hair with a weightless, matte sheen. Meanwhile Aveda’s Dry Shampoo enhanced natural volume and texture, and Smooth Infusion was a crucial anti-humidifier.

For makeup, Napoleon Perdis’ beauty look was centred on the smokey eye, created in three different variations. The bold look added a degree of femininity to the more extreme hair style (made quite androgynous with a centre part), whilst also showcasing that requisite runway intensity and harking back to the central theme of weather.

“There’s a mixture of cool and warm tones to really tailor an eye to suit yourself,” shared Napoleon Perdis makeup artist Kate Squires. “The Australian winter has so many different intensities, you have those icy chilly mornings and then 3 in the afternoon is like a warm summer’s day. So it’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ smokey eye.”

The weather changed more in that marquee than a regular Melbourne day (which is saying something), and David Jones, together with Aveda, Napoleon Perdis and Karlie Kloss showed that style, hair and beauty is stronger than mere seasons – with these looks, your clients will leave the salon satisfied, rain or shine.

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Images by Mark Nolan for Getty Images

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