The world’s two black-clad beauty armies united to share the vision of Australian designer’s in Autumn Winter 2015 – M.A.C and Aveda proving their artistry paired is a force to be reckoned with.

David Jones’ Autumn Winter 2015 personality is ‘high rolling bad girl.’ She’s definitely partial to a large night on the town – and is sure to continue through to morning. We love her. She’s the kind of Manhattan girl every woman holds high. Wild yet rich in beauty and brains, she’s on the door list, and her hair and makeup-style is the next big thing.

“The vibe is definitely about a girl who walks to the beat of her own drum, she’s a confident Manhattan girl, polished but not too perfect, and I think that’s really where we’re at with makeup,” explained M.A.C Director of Makeup Artistry James Molloy.

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According to James, the pared back looks defining the coveted parade are a follow on from last season, where references to reality were in force. This achievable approach to superior beauty is symbiotic of the growing belief that runway doesn’t have to be fancy or theatrical to be ‘high.’ Achievable is the new black.

“So we’ve created two different versions of this Manhattan girl. For the first look we’re working with a polished, sepia tone and wrapping it around the eye – it’s this really beautiful, almost tobacco-yellow-brown and it brightens the eye,” explained James.

New York
Look One: Ultimate Manhattan girl

Continuing with look one, James felt it important to keep skin pared back to further enhance the idea of reality, working with cream coloured bases including M.A.C Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30+ and “playing around with textures” – ultimately creating the slightest enhancement for skin that can otherwise be seen.

We can always count on Aveda Hair Director Terry Robertson-Kirkwood to deliver a story of soft sexiness to the runway – creating exactly that for David Jones’ look one.

jess and montana
Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox

“This girl she’s had a really good blow-dry, hit the town and had the best night. Now, she’s striding down the road and her blow dry has just started to settle – you know, she’s had her hands through it, she’s been swinging it around a bit and now its just started to settle down and take its own life,” explains Terry vividly.

Demonstrated to media on the divine Abbie Weir, prep proved essential for the romantic rock n’ roll vibe that emanated.

“For us, the blow-dry here is really, really important. First we prepped with a product called Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep, a spray-in product that adds volume and enables grip for a suspended style with more substance.”


“We then moved on to our Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam which is a non-tacky mousse, and we loaded it on, we loaded so much on so it stays all day. I love this product as it empowers us with control,” says Terry.

Finally the epic fusion of evangelist and egocentricity was finished with Aveda’s hero Air Control Hair Spray, “a moveable hairspray that’s very light and applies in a super fine mist for touchable manageability.”

For look two, James urged his team of M.A.C professionals to resist the perfectionist within as they manifested the ultimate It girl. Naturally, her eye is smoked with M.A.C Smolder and Powersurge Eye Kohl – a wet effect that glimmers black and gold, intensifying in texture with intimacy.

sam and models
Look Two: New York 5am

“The really cool thing about this is it just gets a bit messed up, it doesn’t stay too perfect, that was my whole brief to the guys downstairs – I know you’re perfectionists but kind of fight against that. We want it to appear as lived in as possible,” said James.

A nude lip cast eyes the hero, the neutral tone signalling a move away from the definite darks, red and plums; according to James makeup is reversing the love for heavy lips and brows, subbing-out drama for real beauty. Cue M.A.C Lip Conditioner and Soar Lip Pencil.

Hair for look two threw runway’s all-time stable mate, the pony into play.

pony from behind
Look Two: The High-End Pony

“When we came to the pony, what we wanted to create was the same girl, but she’s come to a point in the night (or morning) where her hair’s annoying her. So she’s just taken her hands and pulled it back,” explains Terry.

Maintaining the luxury aesthetic of Aveda, Terry manipulated the style to keep it groomed and high end.

“The pony tail sits very low on the hairline, is tight to the head and with a slight kink. In past seasons we’ve had hair completely covering the ear, whereas this version appears scraped back with the ear lobe just poking through. This subtle show of ear keeps her looking undone but maintains a sense of edginess, maturity and femininity.”