Wowing with the most expensive dress at Fashion Week, the hair had to be as equally as expensive with Revlon Professional and Hair Directors Anthony Nader and Malisa Masci creating a contemporary yet confident woman, writes Cameron Pine.

With an extraordinary range of gowns on show and a dress worth $100,000 closing the show, Steven marked his lead in red carpet and bridal stakes with an incredible array of embellished gowns of fairytale proportions.

The $100,000 wedding gown

“The look for the hair is very contemporary. She is a modern, very quietly confidence woman. She knows who she is. What we did with the hair texture is create two different textures,” Anthony said.

The hair look combined two contrasting elements of wet/dry texture with messy and smooth components.

The front of the hair was edgy and raw as the messy texture and the wet finish highlighted the editorial aspect of the look, while the more polished and refined styling at the back perfectly complemented the structure and silhouettes of the embellished gowns.

Malisa Masci

Anthony referred to the texture at the front as Destroyed – a very luxe, rippled texture, with an expensive and dry textured feel through the back.

“The back area is dry and expensive. Think a Chloé campaign texture –hair that moves. Light and airy so when she moves the hair moves too,” Anthony said.

Malisa and Anthony started using Revlon Style Masters modular mousse to prep the hair texture and Contour Defining Gel in the top part of the hair. To keep the texture in the hair using short clips so it still appeared to fall naturally.

“Once we created the texture we wanted with our fingers, the product was diffused dry,” Malisa said.

Some girls were given additional hair to gain more fullness – Anthony and Malisa were conscious of the hair not looking too tight – they wanted it to move and have enough bulk to still appear expensive but with a naturally wealthy silhouette.

“The Steven Khalil woman has money and she wants radiant healthy hair. As soon as you put any shine in the hair it oozes health and expense,” Anthony said.

Anthony Nader

The final processes of building this look, took the two sections of hair that were left out from around the ears and crossed them over the hair that fell from the crown to the nape. Once those sections were secured with bobby pins, the remaining hair was tonged to give a loose but polished wave at the back. The final setting product used in this look was Style Masters Hair Spray.

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