OriginalMineral guest artist Hugo Ferrozzi created a sporty luxe aesthetic at the Kahlo ‘Geometric  Motion’  SS14 show.

By crimping and backcombing hair at the ends to create contrasting texture to the slicked back roots Hugo added a darker and more mysterious feel to a common sporty chic style.

“Kahlo wanted the hair direction to compliment  their dark luxurious and simple designs. The hair was inspired by Helmut Newton’s early 80s fashion photography illustrating the strong woman identity. For this reason we sleeked the hair back to create a modern silhouette with luxurious crimped texture at the back,” said Hugo. 

The Kahlo collection was inspired by the ambience of obscure simplicity and contrasting monotonous images from the late photographer Francesca Woodman.

“Her ghost-like pictures exude layers of emotional depth created by the harsh contrasting black and white tones and rich textures juxtaposed against the soft, flocculent blurred outline of the subjects. This suggestion is frequent throughout our collection in an almost protective way, where soft, intricate textures are masked by structure and restraint,” said Kahlo co-designer Fay Ogunbadejo.

Get the Look:

  1. To add volume and edge to the sporty luxe inspired look add Wasp hair extensions to the back of the hair
  2. To create the foundation for this look, saturate the hair using small sections of O&M Rootalicious root lift and brush the hair backwards off the face
  3. Blow-dry hair into small sections with a round brush, blow-drying straight. A couple of drops of O&M Frizzy Logic shine serum were used to moisturize the hair
  4. Using small sections, tease the hair adding a coat of O&M Original Queenie firm hairspray, then crimp the hair, brush off the crimping and finally layer more hairspray to add texture and control
  5. Work your way up to the crown, repeating step three from ear to ear
  6. Brush hair back flat following the head shape, using a flat brush adding some O&M Original Queenie firm hairspray to control frizz and volume, followed by a couple of drops of O&M Frizzy Logic to create shine