A moody aesthetic featuring embroidered texture and hand crocheted trims that have become the label’s signature were perfectly represented by Pureology Hair Director Todd Arndt.

With an overall focus on texture, a colour palette of nude, gold, ivory, mint, violet and juxtaposed by sleek black, the pace set by Todd had to be as equally young and fun.

With the twist of a braid, Todd wanted the models to look as though they had walked out of the ocean and ran their fingers through their hair, with a wet look towards the front and a dryer texture at the back.

Todd Arndt for Pureology

“A wet-look fused with cascading hair, the Bless’d Are the Meek girl has just jumped out of the ocean tonight. Working with an inverted braid from the front it was important the look translated off the runway a more edgy version of the braid but with soft, wearable elements through the wispy finish,” Todd said.

“The combination of textures was all about complementing the intricacy of the collection. Pureology Nourishing nectar and blow dry amplifier were the ultimate products for this look,” he said.

Get the Look:

1. At the roots, prepare dry hair with Pureology Silk Bodifier. Spray in liberally and blast with heat to create volume and matt texture.
2. Starting from the top of the right ear, take hair and braid towards the base of the left ear. To create a ‘waterfall’ effect braid back across the nape to the base of the right ear.
3. To tie off, spray braid ends with Pureology Strenghthening Control and secure by teasing with a comb.
4. At the front section, apply Pureology Nourishing Nectar to create a wet finish. Use hands to work across the frame of the hairline, pushing away from the face.
5. To finish, pull pieces of hair from braid creating a ‘fly away’ effect and set with Pureology Strengthening Control.