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MSFW: Kevin Murphy for Designer Series Show 1

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s highly anticipated Designer Series delivered a spectacular showcase of glamour, high fashion, jewels, feathers and fabulous gowns from Australia’s leading designers including Arthur Galan AG, Aurelio Costarella, Christine, Dom Bagnato, Gwendolynne, Nicolangela, Rachel Gilbert, Richard Nylon, Thurley and Yeojin Bae.

Kevin Murphy at MSFW

The elegant creations were complimented by striking 1940’s post-war era inspired up do’s, carefully crafted by Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Hair Director, Kevin Murphy and his team of KEVIN.MURPHY stylists.

“I took the 1940’s victory roll and modernised it by bringing it to the side of the head to create a spaceaged feel,” said Murphy. “The victory roll was one of the first styles I mastered when I started out in hairdressing.”

KEVIN.MURPHY’s new volumising mousse, BODY.BUILDER was the key ingredient of this look, followed by teasing, folding, rolling and pinning, topped off with SESSION.SPRAY to finish.

To ensure Melbournians are runway-ready for MSFW fashion parades and events, the KEVIN.MURPHY STYLE.BAR in City Square is also offering free expert hair styling tips and touch ups for style-savvy MSFW-goers throughout the week.

Friday 2pm: Reap What You Sew – Learn how easy it is to sew your hair up like a pro.
Sunday 1pm: Texture Master – Learn how to create hair with an edge.

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