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MSFW: Kevin Murphy for Designer Series Show 3

The scene was cool and calm with a bolt of pink behind the scenes of Designer Series 3. Generally a frenzy of touch ups sounded to the cries of a designer, the vibe was more fun than freaked out – the epitome of creative control despite cramming several of Melbourne’s freshest designers in one 30 odd-minute-long show.

Kevin Murphy at MSFW

Imagine appeasing the vision of nine designers with one hair direction? Each of them with a unique vision on what spring summer 2011/2012 should be about, and some tailored purely for the masculine – it has nightmare on Swanston Street written all over it. But not when Kevin Murphy and his well trained Session Stylist Program crew are at the helm.

The master visionary nodded to the key palette and silhouette of each Series 3 designer with vibrant efficacy: Alexi Freeman, Autonomy, Bettina Liano, Jack London, Leopold, Ristefsky Macheda, Thom Finch, White Suede and Fernando Barraza. And it was far from a case of ‘play it safe.’ Kevin Murphy drew up a blueprint inspired by ‘Barbie on Acid’ (I definitely would of made mum buy me that doll) – a spring summer note written with a high riding pony tail electric pink dipped ends.

It was sleeker, shinier and brighter than ever, and a delightful ode to Kevin’s commemorable forecasting skills. The fade from blonde or brunette to pink, blue, purple and orange currently on the tip of every style setters tongue (catch in this month’s VOGUE), is a barrage of colour bolts resulting from a divine moment between Kevin and Abbey Lee in the studio over a year ago. Kevin went on to begin developing the just released COLOUR.BUG – a handy product allowing momentary colour magnificence on hair’s ends. Such a hot trend, and thanks to Kevin, so accessible.

Get the look

1. Start by drying ANTI.GRAVITY into the hair to create thickness in the pony tail.

2. Section the hair into two parts (horizontally) and using hat elastic, tie the bottom layer of hair into a tight pony tail high on the crown.

3. Pull the remaining section back tightly into the main pony tail and secure with hat elastic. This two-part pony tail achieves a sleeker look.

4. Use SESSION.SPRAY to tighten and finish with COLOUR.BUG on the ends for a fresh spring/summer look.

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