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NYFW: Moroccanoil for Badgley Mischka

Big hair was back at Badgley Mischka’s AW’12 show thanks to Peter Gray for Moroccanoil.

“To counterbalance the defined, strong and sculpted lines of this season’s collection, we created a random, floating, ethereal texture,” said Gray. “It’s multi-dimensional, very light and airy; the result of tightly wound curls fully brushed out and then encouraged to spring upward, outward and free in all directions.”

“To strengthen and ground this floating texture, I created small hidden buns randomly over the head to create an irregular surface texture”, commented Gray. “These beautiful styles look almost as if they’re breathing and moving as the models walk. Essentially, they’re soft, very pretty and feminine. For contrast, we created a smooth, elegant, glamorous wave shape in the front that flows back into the big fluffy mass.”

Get the Look

1. I first brushed hair out thoroughly. I then set out to create the fluffy texture using a random curling iron technique. Starting at the nape of the neck, I took small irregular sections in random directions, twisted them and then curled the hair. I alternated pencil thin 3/8” and 12” curling irons, I continually rotated the sections at different angles and in as many different directions as possible.
2. I pinned each curl through its centre with bobby pins to grip at the scalp. This ensured the curls stayed close to the scalp and tight so that they spring out like a coil when they are released.
3. For a smooth, deep undulating wave in the front area that would nicely blend into hair’s fluffy texture, I created 3-4 sections using a 3/4” curling iron and made barrel curls, directing them towards the back.

4. Once the hair was completely set, I sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong throughout, and used the Moroccanoil Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer with a diffuser sock attached to heat set them. After five minutes they were literally set like springs.
5. In some cases, depending upon the thickness of model’s hair, I created small bun sections at random parts of the head to ensure an even more irregular silhouette.
6. After unpinning the set, I completely brushed out the curls, starting at the back, so they would dramatically expand outwards and upwards. I then pulled out random sections of hair. I loosely backcombed and sprayed again with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong once I formed the look. I then used the heat of the hairdryer with a sock diffuser to fix and hold the shape.
7. To create the perfect wave in the front area, I combed and smoothed the hair, and shaped an undulating form with my fingers. I sprayed again with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong to hold it in place and then blended the wave into the soft fluffy texture behind it, and sprayed again to fix the look in place. 

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