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RAFW: ghd for Ginger & Smart

Inspired by the idea of transcendence, Ginger & Smart‘s catwalk show for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week saw ghd‘s Sophie Roberts directing the hair, which was given a lightness and sense of transparency via varying texture and graphic planes of hair banded tightly through the front.

“The inspiration for Ginger & Smart this year was all about creating the idea of future beauty and really looking at the texture of hair and creating dimension,” said Sophie.

“We created this futuristic look by banding hair tightly through the front, creating a veil of hair or undercut,” she said.

The idea behind the designers theme, Transcendent, was inspired by the blissful moment of wakefulness so it was essential all elements of the hair and make up were light and fresh. This airy silhouette was created through the use of cotton georgette, silk cotton and silk stencil fabrics.

“The Transcendent collection is all about the fourth state of consciousness. It lies beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping states of consciousness. The idea was to Juxtapose the transparent, willowing texture of the hair through the back with the graphic banding through the front and Sophie brought such creativity to our concept,” said Ginger & Smart designers Genevieve and Alexandra Smart.

Hair was prepped using ghd Maximise Mousse and brushed with a Mason Pearson brush for smoothness and texture before parting it at the centre and clipping away the fringe or hairline.

A C section was then created from ear to ear – one and a half inches in depth and then divided in two. The first section was then parted at the centre of the head, combing upwards and crossing each side of hair over the part and banding with a hat elastic in the centre, thus forming a veil of hair.

Hair was then smoothed with a ghd styler before being combed back and secured with a pin. The ends were then texturised and finished with ghd Ultimate Spray to hold in place.


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