ghd Hair Director Alan White’s hair reference for Lucette was futuristic meets rockabilly which culminated in an edgy creation of style and seduction.

“My direction was to create Futuristic but not unapproachable hair that was a mix of contradictions. Cyber Billy and Cyber Punk were the visions that inspired me for the show,” said Alan. “Slick and futuristic, I wanted the hair to be strong while at the same time maintaining a feminine beauty, not being too hard edge.”

Slicked, braided and a play with long and short lengths perfectly complemented the disconnected pieces from the edgy ‘Cyber Warrior’ themed Lucette collection. Inspired by Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner and Lara Croft in Tomb raider, Lucette’s Spring / Summer 2010 collection is all about being confident and strong.

According to Alan, the dual textured look is big this season – something that resonates with many of the shows he is working on at RAFW 2010. “What you continue to see throughout my work is dual texture within the one look – varying between a high shine, almost wet look, to dry natural texture. Lucette’s futuristic designs fit perfectly into my overall inspiration for their this season,” he said.

Hair was divided into three sections including a horsehoe from the temple to temple (first section), below the ear (middle section) and remaining down the nape (final section). The top section was sprayed with ghd Creation Spray and Maximise Mousse before blowdrying with Root Lift.

The rockabilly quiff was created by curling hair inwards away from the parting and curling as close to the root as possible. The middle section was divided down the centre in the back before smoothing the surface of each side back towards the centre parting and applying ghd Polishing Serum.

The ends were then tucked and pinned into two tight French rolls on either side. For the last section, the loose wave was created using a ghd styler before brushing out and finishing off with ghd Shining Serum, to create separation and a wet sheen.