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RAFW: ghd for Ruby Smallbone

ghd Hair Director Jayne Wild created a cool, edgy New York party girl for Ruby Smallbone’s Spring/Summer collection.

“The inspiration for this collection started with a song, The Valero – a 1970s disco song which really set the tone of an uplifting, fun disco beat style. The hair really brings the collection together because it’s about fun and Jayne really understood from the minute she saw some sketches,” said Ruby.

Having run from her busy career and straight into the clubs was the story created by Jayne and her team with hair that moved neatly down the runway but with an undone aesthetic.

“She has just ‘chucked up’ her own hair and has undertones of Stevie Nicks inspired with a ’40s twist. She is modern, fresh, sophisticated but also edgy and cool. It’s cool, yet glamorous dancing hair and she’s really out there,” said Jayne.

“Using ghd stylers and products to achieve this look worked beautifully as we could achieve a few textures in the one do, and the Stylers worked perfectly to create the padding needed,” she said.  Jayne’s execution of the look was perfectly polished yet artfully undone.

Get the look:

1. Lightly mist the hair with ghd Thermal Protector and dry into the hair. If hair is fine then add some ghd Maximise Mousse, this will help give volume to the root.

2. Section off an inch from the hairline all the way around the head and clip away.

3. Taking fine sections, lightly tease the whole length of the hair and spray lightly with ghd Creation Spray before running a ghd Styler through and leaving to cool. Continue throughout this section then brush out all the tangles enough to run your fingers through. This creates a lot more volume or bagginess to the top knot.

4. Next gather all the hair in your hands on top of the head, making sure the front section is slightly to one side, giving a softer more feminine feel, and tie at the root.

5. Loop the mid lengths through an elastic and wrap excess hair around the roots, fastening with a bobby pin. Make sure the root area of the hair is nicely ‘baggy’ not taunt. Lightly spray with the ghd Ultimate Hairspray where needed.

6. Finally, gently rub the hairline of the head and encourage hair to gently fall before misting the roots with ghd Reflection Spray to give a naturally ‘danced out’ hairline.


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