The Marr Factory welcomed even greater buzz in 2013 – playing muse to the news that Stephen Marr (New Zealand’s most prestigious salon brand) and O&M are official partners, from colour to styling and creative collaborations, the pair are 100 per cent hitched and excited for what the future holds.


The foray into a future of pioneering projects, unsuspecting creativity and general cool factor was an epic one, with this year’s Marr Factory event hosting record numbers and a burgeoning collective of local designers, photographers, media and celebrities-turned-runway models.


The brainchild of Stephen Marr, The Marr Factory is primarily a platform for young talent within the hair, beauty and fashion industries to collaborate in creating unique, forward-thinking looks for the best and brightest fashion labels in New Zealand. Since its inception in 2005, The Marr Factory has showcased in-season collections by the juggernauts of the local trade, and this year profiled the Spring Summer 13/14 vision of Karen Walker, Zambesi, Nom*D, Helen Cherry & Workshop and Kate Sylvester.

Kate Sylvester

Along with O&M, the Marr Factory welcomed sponsors – Courvosier (premium cognac brand) and M.A.C – and was held at Stephen Marr’s hip-hangout, Golden Dawn. Co-owner of the bar/muso-hub, Stephen truly is a tastemaker in every element of the phrase, and his educated decision to align with O&M speaks volumes about the humble Aussie brand dedicated to ‘naturally cool’ haircare. 

Karen Walker

Naturally cool – an ethic that effortlessly resonated from the chalked-in catwalk that is Marr Factory’s signature runway, effectively getting today’s people up close and personal with tomorrow’s fashion. A consumer event, each collection is available for purchase the next day at Stephen’s ‘The Department Store’ – a three-level space owned by Marr and Karen Walker and host to a Stephen Marr salon, Lucy and the Powder Room (beauty salon), coffee stops and an assortment of established local and international brands including Top Shop. We told you this guy was all over it – all over everything cool, in fact.


Spring Summer 13 collections concentrate on ‘effortless cool’ looks for both men and women with a soft palette and tonal grey, white, coral and pearl notes. The designers maintained their own trademarks whilst dabbling in some left-of-field twists to keep it fresh – Karen Walker’s signature sunnies met a military vibe aligned with street-styling neon knits, while Zambesi presented the expected monochrome shilouettes, but with a fluid, soft side to the story. 

INSTYLE was lucky enough to accept a hand-delivered invite from OriginalMineral – travelling to Auckland with the creative (and oh-so-entertaining) crew to experience The Marr Factory first hand. Treated to some serious one-on-one time with Stephen Marr and witness to the very beginnings of the Stephen Marr and O&M journey, all our goss and creative gatherings will feature in the INSTYLE Novemeber/December issue – tell all your friends!

In the meantime, here are two O&M how-to’s from behind the scenes at The Marr Factory, 2013.



• O&M Know Knot and Original Queenie Hairspray

• Brush and comb

• Old-fashioned metal slide hairclips

STEP 1 – Create a side parting from the corner of your brow to the crown then split your hair into five sections. Smooth each section with O&M Know Knot and spray with O&M Original Queenie to build some hold.

STEP 2 – Taking one section at a time fold the ends of your hair around your fingers in a roll up to chin length then clip and roll flat together with an old-fashioned slide clip.

STEP 3 – Repeat Step two for all five sections of hair except one section at the front. Smooth any flyaway with O&M Original Queenie.

HOT TIP – Use crocodile clips while you are styling your hair to help keep it in place then slip them out at the last moment.


• Photos: Oliver Rose

• Hair: Jason Chong Li @ Stephen Marr

• Model: Devon and Jackson @ 62 Models

• Stylist: Dayne Johnston @ Zambesi




• Blow dryer

• O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz and O&M Frizzy Logic serum

• Brush and comb

• Hair elastic

STEP 1 – Spray dry hair with O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz and blow out your hair with a paddle brush to a natural finish with a fresh clean texture.

STEP 2 – Clip away the top section from temples to crown and sweep the rest of your hair over your shoulders and into a low ponytail at the nape. Twist the ponytail once around your finger and bring the ends upwards, tying another elastic around the twisted loop.

STEP 3 – Unclip the top section and divide it into a centre part, leaving the hair to fall and frame your face.

HOT TIP – Add some O&M Frizzy Logic serum to your hair from cheekbones to tips to create a sleek separated texture through the ends, leaving the natural texture in the top for a fresh youthful contrast.


• Photos: Oliver Rose

• Hair: Matthew Benns @ Stephen Marr

• Model: Chloe Prise @ Red Eleven

• Stylist: Helen Cherry @ Helen Cherry

For more information about O&M visit or call 1300 724 635.